Building Customer and Brand Equity


As the leading adult and kid allergy brand at Walmart, Claritin was facing fierce competition from antihistamines such as Zyrtec, Allegra, new player Xyzal, as well as INS brands such as Flonase and Private Label.

Our challenge was to create a program that would separate Claritin from other allergy medicines at Walmart and allow them to win the spring allergy season.


We connected allergy relief to human relief and captured the attention of Walmart allergy buyers by reminding them that only Claritin can help make the great outdoors something they and everyone can enjoy.

Parks were a great place to make this happen. In communities that have faced natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes, parks and green spaces are often the last places to be rebuilt.

Walmart actively supports disaster relief and recovery efforts in communities nationwide.
We connected Claritin’s brand ethos and Walmart’s support for natural disaster recovery with the park refurbishment needs of several Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and invited Walmart shoppers to help us make a difference.

We empowered Claritin shoppers at Walmart to
Bring Back the Joys of the Park

Endcaps with PDQ trays and large signage
promoted the donation offer.

Shopkick content drove awareness of the program and the retailer and brand's cause-based promotion.